Red Bull reacts to sudden press moment from Perez

30-11-2020 14:33 | Updated: 30-11-2020 16:12
Red Bull reacts to sudden press moment from Perez

Sergio Perez has a press conference tonight, but no one knows the content. It is unknown what the Mexican driver has to report to the journalists present, but in any case it is not an announcement about a switch to Red Bull Racing.

If we are to believe Helmut Marko, nothing has yet been signed with Perez. In fact, not even a decision has been made internally at Red Bull. "We have already said it in many ways: we are waiting until the end of the season and then we will make a decision," said the Austrian in conversation with the German branch of Sky. Marko says he is 'not aware' of the Perez press conference.

What does Perez have to say?

Another option is that the Mexican driver is going to announce is that he is taking a one-year sabbatical. However, this seems illogical as Max Verstappen's team has not yet made its choice for 2021.

Another scenario is that Perez will just say that he is very happy with his form this season and that he will thank his sponsors. According to, the management of the 30-year-old has been inviting South American journalists for online media events more often since May. The informal e-mail announcement of today's press event is therefore not considered unusual.

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