Horner thanks the FIA: "Sometimes we give them a hard time"

29-11-2020 21:34 | Updated: 29-11-2020 22:18
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Horner thanks the FIA: Sometimes we give them a hard time

Christian Horner is grateful for the fact that Romain Grosjean was not seriously injured in the Bahrain Grand Prix. The Haas F1 driver suffered a blow of more than 50G at a speed of over 200 km/h. The Red Bull Racing team boss praised the work of the FIA.

"Firstly it’s a huge relief that Romain Grosjean is okay this evening and all credit goes to the FIA and particularly Ian, Alan and the marshals that were there without hesitation to help extract Romain from the car. They are truly heroes. We sometimes underestimate the role that the FIA play but today Romain owes his life to that collective work and the safety measures in place," Horner said in his employer's review.

Albon agrees with Horner and says the FIA has done an excellent job. "Like everyone in the paddock I was also very relieved to see Romain walk away from the car after the accident, it was shocking to watch back and the safety team did an amazing job today," said the British Thai.

Horner praises FIA

Horner goes on to say in Red Bull's press moment that it is good that safety has improved over the past (decades). "I think what has been done not just in preparation for this race, but over the last 25-30 years for safety. Five years ago, a driver would not have survived that incident. And to hit a barrier head on, go through it in a ball of flames and jump out of the car is unbelievable."

The British top man is aware that the teams are sometimes demanding. "Sometimes we give the FIA a hard time. The halo came under criticism, hats off to them because Romain Grosjean owes his life to those measures. Not just on the car, but the circuit. The way the marshals dealt with it. Of course, you're always learning and improvements will inevitably be made in the future", he concludes.

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