Horner: "We can't continue without freezing"

29-11-2020 09:43 | Updated: 29-11-2020 10:16
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Horner: We can't continue without freezing

Christian Horner and his Red Bull Racing team are still hoping for a freeze on engine regulations from 2022 onwards. Now that Ferrari seems to be on board, the team boss has hope, but he says that the inferior teams should be given an option.

Since Red Bull will be without an engine supplier from 2022 after Honda's departure, the Austrian team has been focusing for some time now on freezing the engine regulations. At first Ferrari struggled with the idea, but now it seems to be over as Renault also seems to want to start cooperating. Mercedes was enthusiastic about the plan from the start. This would allow Red Bull to continue to use the Honda engine it has left after 2021.

Horner thinks the changed opinion of the other engine suppliers is good news for the sport, he says to Motorsport-total.com. "Especially with the new technologies that will be implemented in the sport from 2026. Then it would be a shame to invest a lot of money in new engines."


But the sport must also be cautious, says the British. Of course, no supplier wants to be at a disadvantage when the rules are frozen. "There has to be a mechanism for a supplier to make a few more adjustments if something goes wrong. Otherwise you have a huge disadvantage.

"There are arguments for every supplier to continue the freeze. Ferrari and Renault both have a new engine for 2022. Mercedes already has the best engine. Mercedes already has the best engine. The costs are also very important for everyone. We have already lost one engine supplier; we do not want to lose another. We wouldn't be able to continue without a freeze either," concludes the 47-year-old team boss.

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