Yamamoto: "No deadline on the Honda side"

27-11-2020 14:13 | Updated: 27-11-2020 14:43
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Yamamoto: No deadline on the Honda side

Honda will remain patient and will not set a deadline for a decision on the cooperation with Red Bull racing regarding the 2022 engine and the future of the between the two. The exit of the engine manufacturer means that Red Bull will be forced to choose another supplier, or to take up production itself.

Masashi Yamamoto, Honda's executive director, has informed autosport.web that Honda will not set a deadline for a decision by Red Bull. Now that the deadline for a decision this week at Red Bull has been moved from the end of November to the beginning of December, the Austrian team is under a lot of pressure. 

But Honda will not contribute to this pressure, Yamamoto said. He explained: “There is no deadline on the Honda side. I think Red Bull wants to decide early and move on to the next action. For that reason, I want to have a good discussion. We will continue to hold discussions in the future, so I hope to report to you as soon as possible.”

Discussions ongoing

The discussions between Honda and Red Bull are still in full swing but nothing has been finalised. “We haven’t come to any conclusions yet.”

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