‘You might be the best but you will not be able to compete with them’

26-11-2020 17:46 | Updated: 26-11-2020 20:18
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‘You might be the best but you will not be able to compete with them’

The young generation of drivers is doing well in Formula 1. Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc have already won several races and Lando Norris and Alexander Albon were already on the podium. One of their contemporaries has less luck; George Russell.


Russell has been driving in Formula 1 for two years now, but has not yet managed to grab a single point. The drivers he beat for the title in Formula 2 - Norris and Albon - were already on the podium. "There is some frustration in that," he confessed at Crash.net. "Obviously as a driver, you want to prove what you can do on even and fair grounds."

The Brit compares his current position in Formula 1 with cycling. "If you’re racing the Tour de France and one guy has a superior bike or bike that has an electric motor or something that can sail off, you might be the best cyclist in the world but you will not be able to compete with them.”

More of the same

Despite his frustration, Russell realises that this is part and parcel of motor sport. "There is always been fast and slow cars. 2021, unfortunately, will be more of the same, but everybody hopes from 2022 with the new financial and technical regulations it will bring the whole field closer together. And hopefully, it puts the driver literally in the driving seat to make or break the weekend. I think everybody is looking forward to that."

Yet Russell and Williams have not lost hope for a better year in 2021. "We are continuing to bring test items to the car to try to improve at this year and into next year. With the new owners it is really exciting, with more finance behind us. That is exciting for us and hopefully we can make a step to cement our place ahead of Haas and Alfa and try to latch onto the back of the midfield."

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