Marko: "At the beginning of December we will know in which direction we are going"

26-11-2020 13:52 | Updated: 26-11-2020 15:11
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Marko: At the beginning of December we will know in which direction we are going

Honda has decided to leave Formula 1 at the end of 2021 and that is a problem for Red Bull Racing. For the time being they do not have the capacity to develop an engine of their own, that would be too expensive and the team does not like to rely on, for example, a Renault power source. The solution lies in taking over the Honda engine, but that depends on several things.

In conversation with Honda

Helmut Marko flew to Japan after the Grand Prix in Turkey to talk to Honda about the future. No final decision has yet been taken, but Marko does state that there will soon be more clarity. Talking to the Austrian Oe24, Red Bull Racing's team advisor says: "No decision has been made yet, but in early December we will know in which direction we are going."

Taking over the power source is a valid option for Red Bull Racing, but the team does set the condition that the engine regulations will be frozen after the end of 2021.

"The existing rules are too expensive and too complicated. If the FIA wants to attract new engine manufacturers, it has to be simpler and cheaper."

That is a noise that can be heard more often around the sport, because that would stop parties such as Volkswagen from getting involved now. Certainly, because the entire regulation will only be up and running in a few years' time, which means that the investment for new manufacturers is simply not profitable at the moment.

Freezing the rules is necessary

Red Bull Racing maintains their previous position, Marko concludes: "If we continue to work with Honda, it will only work if the current rules are frozen after 2021, because then we will only have service work to do."

In other words, if the rules are frozen it is financially viable for Red Bull Racing. If it is allowed to continue developing it will not work, which could lead to the team leaving the sport.

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