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Verstappen understands date change for Dutch Grand Prix

25-11-2020 07:49 | Updated: 25-11-2020 13:06
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Verstappen understands date change for Dutch Grand Prix

The Dutch Grand Prix in 2021 will not be held until September to ensure that fans are more likely to be present. Max Verstappen can understand the shift of the race in his own country.

The return of the Dutch Grand Prix was actually planned for May 2020, but due to the coronavirus the event did not take place. Zandvoort really wants to organise a party and not have to organise a race in front of empty stands. The organisation has therefore found a new place on the 2021 calendar with Formula 1, in September.

Verstappen hopes for extra fans

''I understand that it was done because they want to have fans. I understand very well that they are trying to do that, so to organise it as late as possible in the hope that it can be done again with fans," Verstappen told As a result, the Dutchman will drive two 'home races' in a row, with the Belgian GP right in front of the Dutch GP.

''I don't know if they both like it so much, in Spa and Zandvoort, that it's so close together. Purely in terms of fans and tickets, but who knows, people might come to both races, that would be totally cool," concluded the driver of Red Bull Racing.

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