Murray doesn't agree with O'Sullivan: "Of course he deserves it"

24-11-2020 11:16 | Updated: 24-11-2020 11:23
Murray doesn't agree with O'Sullivan: Of course he deserves it

There has been quite a debate in Britain about whether or not to knight Lewis Hamilton. The British driver has achieved an awful lot in Formula 1 by winning seven World Championships and therefore many people believe that a royal award would be appropriate. However, there are also opponents, like Ronnie O'Sullivan.

Andy Murray has also spoken on the matter. The 33-year-old tennis player has already been knighted after winning the prestigious Wimbledon tournament twice as well as two Olympic golds. In Murray's view, it would be appropriate for Hamilton to be knighted.

Hamilton gets support

"In terms of what he has achieved as an athlete, of course he deserves it," Murray said on Good Morning Britain. "He's one of the most successful sportspeople in the country's history."

What's more, according to Murray, it's not just about performance on the track, it's about what he does off the track too. "He supports some great causes as well away from the racing track, so yes I would say he definitely deserves it in terms of his success," he said.

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