Should Hamilton be knighted? ''He's the best racing driver we've ever had''

28-10-2020 06:58 | Updated: 28-10-2020 10:19
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Should Hamilton be knighted? ''He's the best racing driver we've ever had''

According to Johnny Herbert, Lewis Hamilton must be knighted in the short term. The Brit has achieved a lot in Formula 1, recently setting the record for Grand Prix victories, and Herbert believes he deserves rewarding by becoming Sir Lewis Hamilton.

"He's the best racing driver we've ever had and I think that should be good enough as it is. At the end of this year he equals Michael Schumacher with a number of titles and that makes him a little more special than anything we have seen so far. Hopefully, despite all that social media stuff, he'll get what he deserves,'"says Herbert to Sky Sports.

Hamilton must be knighted

The Brit then makes a comparison. ''Andy Murray has also been knighted, but Hamilton has won a lot more, but still hasn't got anything,'"Herbert says. Tennis player Andy Murray was indeed knighted in 2019 for his two victories at Wimbledon and his first Grand Slam win at the 2012 US Open.

Herbert also believes that Hamilton will still be active in F1 in 2021. "The motivation is there this year and it will be there next season. We would like to see him in the sport for another five years, because he brings so much in and out of the sport. It's also so great that he can do all those things next to the track, but once the visor closes he will be able to perform again. However, his stay in F1 will all depend on his motivation," concludes the three time Grand Prix winner.

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