O’Sullivan: ‘Hamilton’s victories don’t mean much when considering this’

21-11-2020 15:42 | Updated: 21-11-2020 16:25
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O’Sullivan: ‘Hamilton’s victories don’t mean much when considering this’

According to Ronnie O'Sullivan, professional snooker player, Hamilton's seven world titles are not nearly as impressive if you consider that the drivers have to work with uneven materials. This he argues to the Daily Star.

“I wouldn’t have felt as good about my career in snooker if I had been playing on a table where the pockets I was using were bigger than my opponent’s,” compares O'Sullivan. “At least in snooker everyone has the same equipment and it is totally a level playing field.”

According to O'Sullivan, the technical dominance of Mercedes gives the British driver an advantage that takes the shine out of his victories. “It is fantastic for Lewis to win seven world titles, but if your car is going around quicker you can afford to make a few mistakes and still get away with it. It’s a bit like driving around smoking a cigar with one finger on the wheel!”

Not just technical dominance

"I also don't choose my opponents," he continues, referring to Mercedes' interests in other Formula 1 teams. “I just think sport is where there is no advantage.” 

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