Perez is good “but he’s really not superman”

24-11-2020 08:56 | Updated: 24-11-2020 10:51
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Perez is good “but he’s really not superman”

Sergio Perez was able to impress with his second place in Turkey and therefore, according to the followers, is back in good shape for a seat at Red Bull Racing as a possible replacement for Alexander Albon. Kees van de Grint, however, does not know if it will matter that much.

Sergio Perez has to leave Racing Point at the end of 2020 and is still looking for a seat for 2021. The biggest chance for the Mexican seems to be at Red Bull, where Alex Albon is under fire for his performances. However, the question is whether Perez is the one who can offer enough in support of Max Verstappen.

Perez isn't superman

''You can say a lot about Perez, he's good, but he's really not a superman. I don't see him 1-2-3 at Red Bull Racing, but in my case that also applies to Hulkenberg. Perez will let that race in Turkey be nipped in the bud after all," Van de Grint said.

On RTL GP Slipstream Van de Grint believes that Perez will be a big contender for Red Bull if he can record a big result in Bahrain. ''If he has such a fast car again in Bahrain, he should be back on the podium. Then I do indeed believe that he has delivered his business card," concluded Van de Grint.

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