Abiteboul points out the big difference between Ricciardo and Alonso

22-11-2020 19:31 | Updated: 22-11-2020 21:00
by GPblog.com
Abiteboul points out the big difference between Ricciardo and Alonso

Cyril Abiteboul knows that Daniel Ricciardo and Fernando Alonso are two completely different drivers. Whereas Ricciardo is more of a cautious approach, Alonso wants to have the facts on the table as soon as possible. It will most likely change the style of work in 2021.

"He is probably a bit more aggressive and pushy," says Abiteboul at GP Racing about Alonso. "Talking about very important stuff with Daniel isn’t that easy because he’s actually quite shy, he’s not going to be very direct about things that don’t work. It took me some time to decode and understand what’s really behind that smile."

Alonso not shy

As far as that is concerned, next year there will be a completely different driver next to Esteban Ocon. As double world champion, Alonso has a completely different approach to Ricciardo. Alonso does not mince his words and does not shy away from criticising his own team.

"Fernando is a completely different animal. He will be blunt on the engine, the car, the strategy, the organisation. We know that. Both of them are commanding us to do our absolute best, one by telling you the way it is, the other one through his expectations and the standard of driver he is," Abiteboul concludes his story.

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