McLaren is hoping for the new rules: "That should help us"

22-11-2020 08:15 | Updated: 22-11-2020 10:29
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McLaren is hoping for the new rules: That should help us

Turkey was one of the exciting races in the 2020 season. Because of the rain and extremely low grip many drivers had difficulty keeping their car on the track. This allowed teams like Racing Point to focus on their direction, for example by qualifying first and third. According to Andreas Seidl it was fun to watch, but not the direction in which F1 should go.

"Is it positive or negative, what we saw on Friday and Saturday," Seidl wonders at Autosport. "Of course a race like last weekend shows that in wet or difficult conditions, exciting races can arise where many things happen." Seidl understands that a lot of fans have enjoyed Turkey, but he also thinks that it won't happen often that a team like Racing Point drives in the front.

Tension in 2022

Indeed, the dominant teams will be dominant for some time to come and will be much stronger than midfield. Seidl expects that until the new regulations there will be dominance in Formula 1. The rule changes in 2022 should allow cars to drive closer to each other. As a result, they will be able to attack each other more on the straight, which should also create more tension.

"There are many positive things coming in 2022 with the new rules and I think it should ensure that cars can race closer together. This means that there will be more overtaking on the track. The budget cap will probably also do something about bringing the field closer together. There is no reason to be pessimistic about this," Seidl concludes.

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