No penalty for AlphaTauri for a loose seat belt for one of the drivers

21-11-2020 14:02 | Updated: 21-11-2020 16:11
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No penalty for AlphaTauri for a loose seat belt for one of the drivers

It was a precarious moment for Danill Kvyat during the GP of Portugal: suddenly his belt was loose. In order to avoid problems in the future, the FIA investigated what went wrong at AlphaTauri.

Kvyat complained about his belts during the race. They were said to be too loose. He did not think it was a safe situation. After his last pit stop, the Russian complained about his belts again. Yet his team said he had to finish the race and the remaining ten laps. Now race leader Michael Masi says it has been discussed with AlphaTauri.

"Processes have been adjusted"

According to Masi, the team has changed the 'internal processes' in order to avoid such moments in the future. "It has been talked about. Research and the conversations showed that his belts were not loose. I think that term was used. Yes, they were a bit looser, but the team changed the process around them. That's how it is," he says to

Kvyat himself also confirms that his team investigated the situation. A solution seems to have been found. "We have carried out an internal investigation into this. It has been analysed and corrected, I don't think it will happen again. Of course it was not the most pleasant moment, but we prefer to keep it within the team. We have solved the problem."

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