Norris: "Probably the worst start of everyone's career ever"

20-11-2020 20:30 | Updated: 20-11-2020 20:41
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Norris: Probably the worst start of everyone's career ever

Lando Norris has captured many fans since joining McLaren with his personality and impressive driving. But the young Brit believes last Sunday's start in Turkey may be the worst of his career.

Lando Norris had already been put back five places on the grid because he had ignored a double yellow flag situation during qualifying. At the start of the Grand Prix things went from bad to worse.

Norris on contrasting race

The McLaren didn't get away well going into the first corner and Norris found himself down the grid. "There was a complete contrast, I think. Possibly the worst start of my career ever, probably the worst start of everyone's career ever," the young Brit told

Thankfully, it soon turned out all right after that. The McLaren was more than a decent car in the rain. "Every time we got into clear air and had some nice gaps in the car ahead, the car came alive, and we had really good pace," said Norris, who finished eighth at the end of the race.

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