Max Verstappen purchases luxury jet

20-11-2020 11:48 | Updated: 20-11-2020 14:08
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Max Verstappen purchases luxury jet

It is not unusual for the best paid Formula 1 drivers to own a private jet. We also see team bosses and former Formula 1 drivers quite often with their own jet. For example, Max Verstappen regularly flies along with David Coulthard in his private jet. But now he thought it was time to have his own transport.

In Dutch aviation podcast Mic High Club it was revealed that the Dutchman has purchased a real private plane. It is a Falcon-900EX, which he bought from none other than Virgin Group founder Richard Branson.

Jet in Red Bull Racing colors?

"So now Max owns it," said Menno Zwart and Philip Dröge. Will the plane get the colors of Red Bull Racing? Probably not. "After all, it's not Red Bull's, it's Max's."

Of course, a private jet is not a cheap purchase. A Falcon-900EX is not a cheap plane. "It probably runs into tens of millions," said Zwart.

By the way, some people may get the chance to fly Verstappen's new jet. These are often rented out by the owners, in order to reduce the costs of maintenance and storage in a hangar when the aircraft is not in use. However, this will not be cheap.

View the private jet of Verstappen here:

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