Horner about 300 races for RBR: 'This is embedded in our DNA'.

19-11-2020 17:47 | Updated: 19-11-2020 21:35
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Horner about 300 races for RBR: 'This is embedded in our DNA'.

After Red Bull Racing's 300th Grand Prix, team boss Christian Horner looks back at the very beginning, identifying a key component of the team that has remained unchanged during these 300 race weekends. He does this in Red Bull Racing's Talking Bull podcast.

Horner begins by explaining the loyalty felt by his employees, which he sees reflected in the fact that 100 of his current employees in Milton Keynes were also present on day one. This is 'part of the Red Bull culture', Horner explains. ‘It is very much a team. It’s great that we’ve still got that DNA embedded in the team.’

Horner cites his team's unaltered goal of chasing Formula 1 glory as the reason: "The team has grown so much but at the end of the day we are still the same: a racing team. We are talking about two cars on a Sunday afternoon and everyone's focus and energy is on those two cars."


Horner also says that Jackie Stewart, the former driver and titleholder involved in the creation of Red Bull Racing, still often visits the factory. ‘He still acts like he owns the place’ says Horner laughing. The team now plan to name one of the factory buildings after Stewart, just as there is already a Lauda and a Vettel building. 

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