Praise to Red Bull: They're the team who Mercedes "consistently fear as a rival"

19-11-2020 13:50 | Updated: 19-11-2020 16:35
Praise to Red Bull: They're the team who Mercedes consistently fear as a rival

David Tremayne, a motorsport journalist, thinks it's great what Red Bull Racing manage to do every year in Formula 1, even though it hasn't been a smooth ride in recent seasons. The analyst says that Mercedes have had the most to fear from the team based in Milton Keynes. 

Lance Stroll was the fastest on Saturday, but for Tremayne, there was only one absolute candidate to take the win a day later. "I confidently expected Max Verstappen to walk the race, and Alex Albon, fourth on the grid, looked a good bet to make it a 1-2, given the trouble Mercedes were in."

In the end it wasn't the double he expected. The Austrian race team had to settle for sixth and seventh places. The team of Christian Horner and Helmut Marko did not get a 65th victory. 

Red Bull impressive

Red Bull won four World Championship titles prior to the Mercedes dominance. According to the Formula 1 columnist, this is due to the fact that the team consists of 'pure racers'. Winning four World Championships is very clever, especially when you consider that Red Bull is not a car brand at all. "Red Bull are a team of pure racers. Ask Toto Wolff who Mercedes consistently fear as a rival, and I know what his answer would be."

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