Verstappen in a list of lows: "That was some positive thing about it"

18-11-2020 10:09 | Updated: 18-11-2020 11:28
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Verstappen in a list of lows: That was some positive thing about it

This weekend's 300th Grand Prix was a milestone for Red Bull Racing, which as a team has seen highs, but also lows. Helmut Marko now points to the clear lows. 

Over the years Red Bull Racing has had a lot of success. Four world titles were won between 2010 and 2013, after which many more race victories would follow. In 2010 and 2018, however, there were also lows. Helmut Marko explains why this was the case.

Red Bull Racing lows

''One low point was the crash between Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel in 2010 during the Turkish Grand Prix. It was cruel to see them both shoot off the track, especially as they were both fighting for the world title. Nobody expected Vettel to grab the title after that race,'' Marko said to

However, the Austrian also mentions a crash of Max Verstappen as a low point, namely the crash in Azerbaijan with team mate Daniel Ricciardo. ''It was a shame because they both drove for the victory. Terrible. There was no clear answer as to whose fault it was. Whereas in 2010 the debrief was very difficult, with Daniel and Max it was not a big problem. That was the only positive thing about it," concludes Red Bull's top man.

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