Marko on DRS timing: "Not released when we were fast"

15-11-2020 18:16 | Updated: 15-11-2020 19:33
Marko on DRS timing: Not released when we were fast

Helmut Marko is very disappointed about the sixth and seventh place of Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon at the Turkish Grand Prix. Red Bull Racing had a chance to win with both men, but impatience broke out in the Milton Keynes-based team. Marko saw that the absent DRS was very decisive in the race of Verstappen.

"Overtaking was impossible," says Marko in conversation with the German van Sky. The Red Bull advisor states that this is not due to a lack of power in the Honda engine. "No, it was not. DRS just wasn't released when we were fast." 

However, by the time the technical gimmick was released, it was already too late for the Austrian race team.

Both Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon were spinning in Istanbul Park and as a result, they had to go in pursuit to make up for lost time and places. Both drivers asked a lot of the tyres. "During the overtaking races we just ruined the tyres, you could see that. The fact that Hamilton and Perez drove on with tyres that were more or less slick and managed to keep up with one pit stop proves that."

Future of Albon

Albon even had a chance of victory at some point, but he spun and threw away the opportunity. Red Bull doesn't want to say too much about Albon's future with the team. "We will judge at the end of the season, there is no mid-term review," concludes Marko.

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