Verstappen has faith in the Honda engine

03-11-2020 12:20 | Updated: 03-11-2020 16:43
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Verstappen has faith in the Honda engine

Red Bull Racing has had a number of problems with the Honda engine in recent months. Max Verstappen failed to finish twice in Italy with an engine problem and Alexander Albon has also had problems with the engine, for example at the Nürburgring. Nevertheless, Verstappen believes that Red Bull should continue with the Honda engine.

"We may have had two retirements this year, but overall they have done very well," explained Verstappen to on the relationship between Red Bull and Honda. Not only do Red Bull have a good relationship with Honda, but Verstappen is also happy with the Japanese engine supplier.

Still a lot of potential in Honda

"I am very satisfied with the cooperation with Honda. They are great people and they are really motivated and never give up. I love that mentality." After 2021 Honda will leave the sport, but Verstappen expects Red Bull to hold on to the Honda engine, to continue developing it in 2022.

According to Verstappen there are still plenty of opportunities to improve the Honda engine. "We can't release much energy on the straight. We really have to work very hard to improve that," Verstappen concluded.

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