Wolff not in favour of Red Bull's new plan: 'Undermines DNA of F1!'

31-10-2020 21:20 | Updated: 31-10-2020 21:53
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Wolff not in favour of Red Bull's new plan: 'Undermines DNA of F1!'

Red Bull Racing are busy looking for a solution for the departure of Honda after 2021. Toto Wolff initially supported the team's plans, but the Austrian doesn't want to know anything about the new idea.

Honda have announced their departure from Formula 1. After 2021, the manufacturer will no longer supply engines to Red Bull Racing and that is a big problem for the team. Without another supplier, the team would be forced to go back to Renault, of which both parties are not a fan.

Red Bull would like to take over the Formula 1 project from Honda, but the team would like to freeze the progress of engines so that it doesn't have a huge backlog before 2022. Ferrari and Renault have however put a stop to these plans, while Mercedes are big supporters. To satisfy the first two teams, Red Bull have presented a new plan, but Toto Wolff doesn't want to know about it.

End of Formula 1

The team of Max Verstappen does not propose an engine freeze in the new plan, but rather a 'Balance of Power'. This means that teams are allowed to continue working on their engines, but only up to a certain limit. "That would be the beginning of the end of Formula 1," says Wolff. That reports Motorsport-Total.com.

"That doesn't work in other series and to bring something like that into a sport that has always focused on performance would undermine the DNA of the sport. This is the moment when we all have to put this issue aside," concludes the Austrian. It seems that Red Bull have to look for another solution to its problem.

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