Albon is annoyed by inconsistency: "Why don't we keep it the same?"

31-10-2020 19:25 | Updated: 31-10-2020 21:28
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Albon is annoyed by inconsistency: Why don't we keep it the same?

During today's qualifying session, we saw something happen that we've already seen several times this season: a lap time being deleted. Alexander Albon is one of the many who are confused about the track limits in place this weekend. 

The lines of a track have to be respected according to the race management, they are there for a reason. Track limits have been set to prevent reckless driving outside the lines. If you exceed the limit by all four wheels in qualifying, your lap time will be removed without mercy.

However, this decision cannot count on the approval of every driver, such as Albon who saw his lap time disappear in qualifying. "It has been a bit strange for me. Obviously, firstly, the tracks lend themselves towards it. I'm sure people will comment that drivers need to respect that, but we're pushing out there and the cars are so well built. For us it's basically there's no risk or punishment about going wide, it's purely just about lap times. The closer you get to that white line, you go faster and faster," the driver argued at a press event hosted by Red Bull Racing.

Inconsistent rules on the track

According to Albon, it's not just about the track limit set at turn nine, just before the start-finish. "What's annoying, in some respects, is the inconsistency. You've got different corners with different rules, in the briefing the question was raised. Why turn nine, why don't we keep it the same as the rest of the circuit? Why is that the case?"

"It all comes down to the circuit, if you think about the Nurburgring, that's a great example of a good track with good exit kerbs and gravel straight away. Obviously, I understand you have to take in consideration Moto GP for example, i'm not one to direct anyone how to do it! I guess for the fans and media it's a bit frustrating" concludes the British-Thai.

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