Tung points to level of Verstappen in driver debate

29-10-2020 06:45 | Updated: 29-10-2020 11:37
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Tung points to level of Verstappen in driver debate

Alexander Albon is under increasing pressure at  Red Bull Racing , but the question is who will replace him if the team chose to do so. Ho-Pin Tung  has looked at the options, but also pointed out the level of  Max Verstappen .

In 2019, after just six months in Formula 1 , Albon suddenly had the opportunity to join Red Bull. Albon started fairly comfortably but has struggled for form and consistency in 2020, and similarly to Pierre Gasly before him, he is off the pace of Max Verstappen. However, Tung says that this is also largely due to the immense form of Verstappen.


You have to be aware: all those guests who drove next to Max Verstappen are not pancakes. Look at Pierre Gasly, who didn't show up at Red Bull last year and is now driving the stars from the sky in an AlphaTauri. The same goes for Daniel Ricciardo . He has more or less bone defeated by Verstappen, but now ook shows a top talent like Esteban Ocon all corners of the track, "  Said Tung to Nu.nl .

According to Tung, who is active in the World Endurance Championship, the car itself is not that easy and that's why Albon has been given plenty of time. However, his performances haven't improved alongside the development of the car.  And that's the reason they don't protect Albon anymore, because his performance is lagging behind while the car is under development. ''

Hulkenberg the solution?

As a replacement for Albon a lot of names have been suggested with  Nico Hulkenberg  and  Sergio Perez , the most likely candidates and Tung has suggested that the former could fill that seat.

It would be nice for Red Bull to find a driver who can get closer to Verstappen, because tactically it will be a completely different game. Verstappen always has to follow Mercedes and is often on his own, without the backing of a teammate. Maybe Hulkenberg can be of value to Red Bull in that area, "  concluded Tung.

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