Horner says Gasly returning to Red Bull was never an option

28-10-2020 13:58 | Updated: 28-10-2020 17:56
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Horner says Gasly returning to Red Bull was never an option

It was announced today that Pierre Gasly will remain with the AlphaTauri team in 2021. This came as no surprise to many, but there were also reports of a return to the Red Bull Racing factory team. Christian Horner, however, says that this was never an option.

Since Pierre Gasly was transferred back from Red Bull to AlphaTauri, his performance has improved significantly. The suggestion to bring him back to Red Bull was partly due to the disappointing performance of Alexander Albon. According to Christian Horner, however, that was never an option. He thinks that his good results are due to the lack of pressure on the driver.

Never a question of Gasly return

Even before the confirmation of AlphaTauri, Horner spoke out. "Pierre did a great job. He is doing well at AlphaTauri. He feels good in the car and is less affected by the pressure and high expectations of his environment," Horner said to Motorsport.com. "AlphaTauri has also changed as a team. So it makes sense that it works well on both sides."

Wouldn't Gasly do better now at Red Bull Racing after the growth he's experienced? Not according to Horner. "Our main job is to give Alex a chance to hold that seat. When he joined Red Bull last year he scored better than Pierre over the season. So why would it be any different if we traded again now?"

Horner also thinks the RB16 is not a good match for Gasly. "I think the car is much harder to handle than AlphaTauri's, that's clear to see. The rear is much more sensitive and that can be very difficult for the drivers. Max is great with that, but others are struggling with it. I think Alex in an AlphaTauri would perform about the same as Pierre," said the Red Bull Racing team boss.

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