Albers takes Red Bull's guess: 'Don't go dumb as a sheep follow Mercedes'

27-10-2020 07:54 | Updated: 27-10-2020 10:27
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Albers takes Red Bull's guess: 'Don't go dumb as a sheep follow Mercedes'

Max Verstappen came handsomely third during the Grand Prix of Portugal, but many wondered what would have been possible if Verstappen had started on the medium tyre. Former F1 driver Christijan Albers doesn't want to worry about that.

Red Bull's gamble

In the second part of qualifying for the Portuguese GP, Red Bull chose to drive with the soft tyre. Because of this Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon had to start the race on that tyre as well and that didn't work out as well as hoped. However, Albers understands that choice from Red Bull.

''When you're in a position like Red Bull, you have to try things. If you're stupid enough to follow Mercedes like a sheep, you'll never have a chance to win. I understood that Max also felt better on that band, so then I do understand that choice," Albers said on the De Telegraaf podcast. However, the Dutchman did see some mistakes by Verstappen himself.

Errors of Verstappen

''He is less aggressive in such an opening lap than he was a year ago and that is due to his age and experience. He knows he can come back and still be third, but he made some mistakes in the opening lap. Suddenly he shoots that straight, he wants to get on the gas too early and that's why Perez got the chance to put him off," the former F1 driver says.

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