Bottas: "That will be the biggest mistake to make"

26-10-2020 09:03 | Updated: 26-10-2020 10:54
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Bottas: That will be the biggest mistake to make

Valtteri Bottas was not able to keep his teammate Lewis Hamilton behind him after a short stint in first position. Once again the Finn had to settle for second place, while his teammate breaks record after record.

Bottas takes up the challenge

"It's a motivation," said Bottas in the press conference after the Portuguese Grand Prix. Hamilton knows how to beat Bottas over and over again, but Bottas says he loves the challenge. "I definitely don't want anything easy. It's how I've been raced and what is my mindset, that I will always keep going and it's just great motivation to try and beat him."

Agreeing with Verstappen

"It's difficult but I know it's possible and that's the thing," continues the Mercedes driver. Bottas agrees with the words Max Verstappen said at the press conference: "And if I give up, it won't ever be possible and that will be the biggest mistake to do and also what Max said, the main thing is really to give it all you have every single time, make the most out of every situation. 

"Obviously Max is a bit younger, I'm 31 now but I still feel like I'm peaking. I'm not yet there and hopefully, soon, I will be and I also feel I still have quite a few years and I "ll keep pushing and that's it. For me it's very simple," concludes the Finn. 

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