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Horner explains what happened with Verstappen-Stroll crash

Horner explains what happened with Verstappen-Stroll crash

23-10-2020 17:26 Last update: 18:07

The second free practice went differently for Max Verstappen than anticipated, as he collided with Lance Stroll on entry to the first corner. Verstappen wrongly expected Stroll to back off, but the Canadian kept going and the pair collided. Both drivers were called to the stewards and Christian Horner, team boss of Red Bull Racing, has now also responded.

Lifts with Stroll

"The way that I see that is that you have to go back to the previous lap," says Horner in conversation with Sky Sports. "Lance has gone into the last corner and Max has let him go because he wants to take a tow and he is assuming that Lance is finishing a lap and is not aware that he is going for a second lap."

"So he let him past and he tucks up behind him as I think he did with Bottas in Sochi taken the advantage of the tow and towed up alongside him. Assuming that he was going to back out and he is up the inside and he felt that Lance was later on the DRS," Horner explains.

"And, Lance for whatever reason did not see him and he committed to the corner and turned in. Both expected each other to back off and if that were a race Max would have been deemed to be up the inside. I think the confusion came from Max expecting him to back-off," said Horner, throwing it more or less on a misunderstanding.

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