Monday important meeting for Red Bull: Engine development discussed

22-10-2020 19:53 | Updated: 22-10-2020 22:00
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Monday important meeting for Red Bull: Engine development discussed

Red Bull Racing face a challenge, because if they want to remain competitive at the head of the field, they need a good source of power. However, with the departure of Honda at the end of 2021, they currently don't have a PU beyond next season. Will they go for a Ferrari or Renault engine? Will they take Honda's power source and develop it themselves, or will they withdraw? There could be a decisive moment on Monday.

Freeze or leave

Red Bull Racing would like to see engine development frozen from 2022 onwards, because in that scenario it would be interesting for the team to take over Honda's engine and develop and produce it themselves. However, this requires a change in the regulations and the team wants to discuss this with the Formula 1 powertrain committee on Monday.

Representatives of the manufacturers, Liberty Media and FIA will be present, reports F1-Insider . This meeting will take place on Monday in Portimao, Portugal. Red Bull's demand is clear, a freeze on engine development, otherwise Dietrich Mateschitz will withdraw his two teams from Formula 1. 

The reason that Red Bull is now pushing this agenda is because they have the prospect of 2026. New engine regulations will then be introduced and that will pave the way for new manufacturers to join. Nor does Red Bull have any desire at all to become an engine manufacturer itself in the long term, but they are prepared to do so until 2026.

Temporary manufacturer

It makes no sense for new manufacturers to participate now, because developing an engine from scratch for a period of five years is too costly and too complex. After 2026 everything will be open again and on several occasions, the suggestion has been made that Volkswagen are interested in participating in Formula 1. In the case of Red Bull Racing, this manufacturer could then become the engine supplier.

Marko: "We want to stay in Formula 1, but we must have the opportunity to drive for victories. If this is not possible because we, as a normal engine customer, have too many disadvantages, then it doesn't make sense to stick with it. " 

Earlier on GP Blog we reported  that Mercedes reportedly do not have a problem with freezing, nor does Renault, but that Ferrari does not like it. So this could be another interesting story.

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