"Russell has made contact with other teams"

21-10-2020 19:24 | Updated: 21-10-2020 21:14
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Russell has made contact with other teams

Sergio Perez is still looking for an F1 seat as his adventure with Racing Point comes to an end at the conclusion of this season. The Mexican has already been associated with several teams and at first Haas and Alfa Romeo seemed to be the teams where he might end up. However, a drive at Red Bull Racing is not out of the question and a new rumour points to Williams, which would be at the expense of George Russell.

Waiting for the step to the top

The young British driver, who is performing optimally within the capabilities of his car, is under the management of Toto Wolff, who placed him with Williams to mature. The ultimate goal is to place Russell with a larger team and he is undoubtedly hoping for a seat at Mercedes. As Valtteri Bottas has a contract for next year and Hamilton is more or less a certainty, Russell will have to be patient.

Williams' patience to gain experience in the meantime is fine, but with the shifts in the driving landscape his position is now suddenly coming under pressure. For Dorilton Capital - the owner of Williams - it is interesting to attract Sergio Perez, who is taking a lot of money with him. Russell does not. Since that team is in the process of reconstruction, all additional sources of income are interesting and that makes Nicholas Latifi's position a certainty.

That driver also brings with him the necessary financial support, just like Perez and with the arrival of the new rules in 2022, the owner of the team sees opportunities. Those opportunities cost money and then, of course, additional sources of income are interesting. George Russell probably already feels the mood a bit, because he has been informing other teams.

Is Perez going to Williams?

At least that's what Racer reports, who understands this from sources. Russell is said to have contacted several teams in the past few weeks to find a new seat last minute. Whether he succeeded, that is the question. That also depends on Perez and whether he switches to Williams at all. For that experienced driver boarding at Red Bull Racing is, of course, a lot more interesting, considering that team is more competitive.

Helmut Marko has hinted that they can go and look for experienced drivers to replace Alexander Albon, but it remains to be seen whether it will really come to that.

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