Wolff hopes that Red Bull will fight more: "We need that challenge"

21-10-2020 12:57 | Updated: 21-10-2020 14:27
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Wolff hopes that Red Bull will fight more: We need that challenge

Max Verstappen has been with Red Bull Racing since 2016. The Dutchman has often been linked to a transfer to Mercedes, but this has never happened. Toto Wolff understands that Verstappen is very strong at the moment, but he also holds on to the qualities of his own drivers and is also looking at the drivers who will be able to drive at Mercedes in the future.

"Valtteri is doing very well and Lewis is also performing well and they are both still at the peak of their skills. What's more, we have juniors who can stand up and be the future for us. We are also looking at that. The situation around Max does not offer any opportunities at the moment,” explains Wolff at Beyond The Grid.

Verstappen Loyal to Red Bull

"He's stuck with Red Bull and I respect his loyalty enormously. I think it is important for Red Bull to have someone like Max on their team. Red Bull picked him up very early on." At the moment Red Bull still has a huge gap with Mercedes, but Wolff expects he can catch up. "The longer the current regulations are fixed, the more teams will catch up."

Wolff explains why he expects that Mercedes will not be dominant for a long time to come. "The extent to which we develop will decrease and the chasing teams will continue to develop for longer. Red Bull is slowly getting closer and we are looking forward to that. After all, we just need that challenge," concludes Wolff hopefully.

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