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Wurz negates rumours on Maldonado victory

Wurz negates rumours on Maldonado victory

18-10-2020 18:09 Last update: 19:22


Former Formula 1 driver Pastor Maldonado is generally not known as a great racing driver, but mainly for his crashes. That's where he got his nickname Crashtor Maldonado. Nevertheless, he managed to win a Grand Prix once; in Barcelona 2012 in the Williams.

Rumours about victory

Maldonado, who until then had been ranked eighth in Formula 1, took pole position in Barcelona in 2012 for the Spanish Grand Prix.  It was the first and only victory in Formula 1 for the Venezuelan. However, it was soon rumoured that Maldonado owed his victory to Bernie Ecclestone.

The then boss of Formula 1 would have wanted to give Williams-team boss Frank Williams a late birthday present for his 70th birthday and tampered with the rules in favour of Williams. A theory that was reinforced by a fire at Williams' pit box immediately after the race in which possible evidence was destroyed.

Rumours negated

Former Formula 1 driver Alexander Wurz, who was involved with Williams as advisor at the time, talks on Motorsport.com about the rumours that were going around at the time. He resolutely rejects all accusations. "Certainly not! That fire was dangerous, almost catastrophic."

Wurz explains why Maldonado was able to win the race. "The car was simply very fast because we were one of the first teams to realise that you could heat the front tyres through the rims," he says. "We were the first to do it. After that it was copied by everyone and Williams fell back."

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