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Driver who supports Verstappen? 'It requires humility from Marko'

Driver who supports Verstappen? 'It requires humility from Marko'

16-10-2020 21:04 Last update: 22:45


Nico Hülkenberg's possible arrival at Red Bull Racing has been under discussion for almost a year and a half now. Italian motor sport journalist Roberto Chinchero first reported that this could be an option over a year ago.

At Motorsport.com he now once again shines his light on the possibility that the German will sit next to Max Verstappen. In 2019 these rumours were triggered by Pierre Gasly's mediocre performance, but then Marko promoted Alexander Albon. However, the pond from which Red Bull can still fish today has dried up considerably.

According to Chincero, if Red Bull wants to become champion once more with Max Verstappen, it will have to do something about the occupation of the second seat. Since the departure of Daniel Ricciardo, the two Red Bulls have been driving around at two different speeds. "Since then, Red Bull number 2 has been on the podium on only one occasion," Chinchero emphasises.

Red Bull junior programme not producing

According to the Italian, this difference is partly due to the enormous speed of Verstappen, but Marko also has to admit, in his view, that his junior programme has not worked properly in recent years. The greatest talents (Leclerc, Norris, Russell) did not come from the Red Bull academy.

Verstappen now needs a team mate who can stay within a few tenths of the Dutchman in the short term and who can make things difficult for Mercedes. Chinchero thinks Hulkenberg could be the man for that: "To materialize it requires an act of humility on the part of Marko, who must, after many years, put his junior team aside."

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