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Racing Point will receive upgrades from Mercedes before 2021

Racing Point will receive upgrades from Mercedes before 2021

16-10-2020 13:31 Last update: 13:45


Racing Point was very much discredited at the start of the 2020 season, due to the distinctive design of the RP20 they are using this season. The car looked a lot like the winning car of Mercedes in 2019. They were also fined and scored points, but they will also be driving new Mercedes parts for 2021.

While the other teams are puzzling over how to use the development tokens for the 2021 car, Racing Point and AlphaTauri are looking to get the upgrades from Mercedes and Red Bull Racing respectively. They will get the new gearbox and the rear suspension from the teams without using the tokens. 

Racing Point is getting ready for upgrades

This allows them to develop more than the competition, which has to use developmentokens to improve similar parts. Racing Point and AlphaTauri can replace the current 2019 parts with the current 2020 parts for next year. 

According to the Italian branch of Motorsport.com, Racing Point is already preparing to receive the gearbox and rear suspension from Mercedes for the 2021 car. So we will probably see a jump from AlphaTauri and Racing Point next year because they can develop more.