McLaren boss Seidl gives his views on future engine suppliers

McLaren boss Seidl gives his views on future engine suppliers

15-10-2020 08:53 Last update: 11:23

With the loss of Honda as an engine supplier in Formula 1 from 2022, the question is whether changes should not be made now to ensure that the rest of the suppliers remain and that the sport becomes more attractive to new suppliers. According to Andreas Seidl, team boss of McLaren, the important thing now is to choose a clear direction.

"The most important thing is that F1, together with the FIA , the teams and the engine suppliers will look at a plan about what the new regulations will look like. Are we going to evolution or revolution. I think that's the most important question that needs to be answered now," Seidl explained to .

Which direction does F1 take with engines?

"In the end, you have two directions. The first, of course, is to retain the power units that lead the technology and provide a platform for new automotive technologies in the future.

"You can also go for simple engines that are less complex and therefore a lot cheaper. If you know which direction you can go in, then you can only start looking for new suppliers." Seidl, therefore, believes that these new suppliers should have a say. "The FIA shouldering ook enter into consultation with potential new suppliers, or perhaps even private Organizations themselves, to see what is possible."

Return of Cosworth ?

Private manufacturers, such as Cosworth, left F1 following the introduction of hybrid engines, so there may still be a role to play in the future. It is important, however, that there is proper consultation between the future CEO of the F1, Stefano Domenicali , and any new suppliers. "Stefano is the right person to decide on this, as he has an enormous amount of experience. I'm sure this subject is fairly high on the list of priorities," Seidl concluded.