Vettel: 'It was probably just too risky at the time'

13-10-2020 21:01
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Vettel: 'It was probably just too risky at the time'

It finished eleventh at the Nürburgring, the sixth scoreless race of the season for Sebastian Vettel. With only seventeen points, the Ferrari driver finished in an inglorious thirteenth place in the championship.

Too much risk

On the race of the German driver will be discussed. Although he was quite satisfied with the start, he soon got stuck behind Antonio Giovinazzi. "He was very, very hard to overtake and very hard to keep up," he says. "I had to take many risks, probably too many".

When he caught up with Giovinazzi, Vettel lost his car. "I didn't overtake [Giovinazzi] until the very end of the straight. When I changed lanes behind him, I lost the car in its dirty air. But it was probably just too risky at the time". It caused Vettel to crash his tyres and he had to get to the pits early.

Saving what could be saved

From that moment on, the Ferrari driver tried to save what could be saved, but the race was actually already lost. "I struggled to overtake cars, even though I was faster. The car was then very, very difficult to drive". In the end, Vettel finished 0.775 seconds from the points, again behind Giovinazzi. "It's a shame we couldn't get out," says Vettel. "I tried everything, but as I said, it was very difficult today. It was certainly not a good race on our part".

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