Van der Garde sees something in a Red Bull Racing and Renault reunion

10-10-2020 08:17 | Updated: 10-10-2020 08:34
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Van der Garde sees something in a Red Bull Racing and Renault reunion

Red Bull Racing will be without a power source from 2022 onwards. Nothing is clear yet about which brand will fill the Red Bull cars. Former F1 driver Giedo van der Garde does not rule out a reunion between Red Bull and Renault, despite the poor relationship between the two brands.

Red Bull forced back to Renault?

The rift between the racing team and the engine supplier in 2018 was fierce. Since the hybrid era in F1, the situation between the two worsened badly and Red Bull decided not to join forces in 2019. In 2022 Red Bull may be forced to return to Renault.

Honda is pulling the plug on the F1 project, which is why Red Bull are looking for a new source of power. Mercedes has already said 'no' to the request to supply power sources, Ferrari are still looking into the situation and Renault are waiting for a call from the FIA that may oblige them to supply another power source to the team from Milton Keynes.

Don't forget the four titles

However, Giedo van der Garde doesn't think it would be such a bad move for Red Bull to return to Renault. Things did not go well between 2014 and 2018, but don't lose sight of the years before that.

At Ziggo Sport the Dutchman says: "You have to remember that they had a good relationship once. They became world champions four times. I don't think it's wrong to go back".

"Of course there will be a clause stating that Renault must not be badly talked about", predicts Van der Garde in order to appease the mood between team bosses Cyril Abiteboul and Christian Horner.

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