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Reverse engineering à la Racing Point seems to be a thing of the past

Reverse engineering à la Racing Point seems to be a thing of the past

09-10-2020 20:27 Last update: 21:01


From the first moment the Racing Point car appeared in public this year, there was discussion about the design. It looked a lot like the Mercedes. Racing Point eventually admitted that it had used photographic material from the Mercedes in the design.

Until now, this was never forbidden, because it was assumed that you could only copy a design properly on the basis of photos. If we are to believe Racing Point, who insist that they did not take any parts directly from the warehouse at Mercedes, that is now possible. Their car is anything but slow this season.

Teams are convinced by measures against reverse engineering

Several teams, including Renault and Ferrari, had initially protested. They eventually withdrew them because they were convinced by the FIA that they would come up with serious measures.

On the Friday prior to the Eifel Grand Prix, these new regulations were presented and the teams are clearly satisfied with them, as the package of measures was immediately approved by the World Motor Sport Council. As a result, 'excessive' use of reverse engineering should now be impossible, said the FIA statement according to Crash.net.

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