Vettel shows confidence in Aston Martin and buys shares

08-10-2020 20:20 | Updated: 08-10-2020 23:13
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Vettel shows confidence in Aston Martin and buys shares

Sebastian Vettel will be competing next year for Racing Point, who will be renamed, Aston Martin. Compared to Ferrari, he will earn a lot less, but he believes in the project and his future in Formula 1 is secured a little longer. Earlier, Toto Wolff suggested that Vettel might also buy shares and he has already done so.

Free to invest

With this purchase, he also has an interest in the car make, which shows once again that he has confidence in it. The reason for the purchase lies in that belief in the brand and, of course, the F1 team. quotes the German: "Everybody is free to do what they want with their money, Aston Martin is a public company and everyone is free to invest in the company."

"If you’re asking if I have shares in the company? I have. How much? I think it’s a secondary thing which I won’t talk about.

"I believe in the project. I decided to go with the project and I am excited to see what happens when we kick off next year and I am starting for a new team." With all the investments from Stroll and consortiums, the cooperation with Mercedes and the current performance, it looks good for Vettel.

This is at the expense of Sergio Perez and Vettel admitted once again that the Mexican has earned a Formula 1 seat. "I don’t know if Checo is talking to anyone so I don’t know if he’s definitely out. I don’t know. You guys are making the news so I think you know a bit more than me. It would be a shame. He’s a driver that deserves to be in F1."

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