Jules Bianchi lives on in the hearts of F1 fans: "We miss you"

05-10-2020 09:55 | Updated: 05-10-2020 12:40
by GPblog.com
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Jules Bianchi lives on in the hearts of F1 fans: We miss you

Exactly six years ago the Japanese Grand Prix turned out to be a weekend to remember. It was the first GP in which Max Verstappen completed a session in an F1 car. A great moment for him and for the Netherlands. Unfortunately, that weekend is primarily remembered by another incident.

Black day at Suzuka

The fifth of October 2014 was a dark day on the Suzuka circuit, both literally and figuratively. In the pouring rain Jules Bianchi slipped off the track and slid his car under a crane truck that tried to hoist Adrian Sutil's Sauber away. The injuries he sustained were to become fatal to him more than six months later.

Bianchi was regarded as one of the greater talents of his generation and was nominated as Ferrari-junior to replace Kimi Raikkonen. Undoubtedly he could have shown great things there. It should not have been like that, but F1 fans have certainly not forgotten him.

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