Vettel doesn't have a say: 'We are not part of that conversation'.

05-10-2020 07:01 | Updated: 05-10-2020 08:22
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Vettel doesn't have a say: 'We are not part of that conversation'.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Formula 1 has been forced to divert to a number of classic European circuits this season. This is not only to the delight of the fans but also of the drivers. However, Sebastian Vettel does not think that their opinion has any influence on the future.

"I think that’s not part of our discussions, even. I think there’s other tracks that we would like to join the calendar because we love driving those tracks but it’s not discussed because in the end, there’s other interests that determine whether there will be a race held in that place or not," says a realistic Vettel according to

Mugello one off?

This season the Nürburgring and Imola, two classics from F1 history, are still being driven, and Mugello was also enjoyed earlier. Although that circuit was new for Formula 1, it offered all the challenges of a classic circuit. However, Vettel doubts whether we will see it again.

"Speaking of Mugello, I think the drivers like it but obviously I don’t know if it is in the cards in the future, if it is realistic. This I don’t know and we’re not we’re not part of that conversation," concludes the Ferrari driver.

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