Nicholas Hamilton on brother Lewis: 'He is the only black person in F1'

03-10-2020 11:54 | Updated: 03-10-2020 14:28
Nicholas Hamilton on brother Lewis: 'He is the only black person in F1'

Nicholas Hamilton, brother of Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton, is afraid that when Lewis stops, the diversity within the sport will no longer be good either. He thinks it should be better.

Lewis Hamilton is currently at the height of his career. His seventh world title already seems to be in his hands. If he wins that world title, he will level the record set by legend Michael Schumacher

More diversity in sport

In addition, he is committed to greater diversity within Formula 1. To this end, he has even set up his own committee and he is the initiator of kneeling for Black Lives Matter before every race. But his brother Nicholas Hamilton is afraid that the sport will lose that too if his brother decides to stop racing.

To CNN-Sport he says: "At the moment motor sport is seen as something that is difficult to get into. You don't know if you will get a chance. You don't see any or very few black people in the sport, at the moment Lewis is the only one. Who are we going to look up to when he is gone? There are very few coloured people in motor sport and when they are there you sometimes see a lot of racism." He is referring to an incident during a test session in Barcelona in 2008, when a group in the audience wore black make-up, curly wigs and wore t-shirts saying, 'Hamilton's Family'. Following this incident, the FIA launched the anti-racism campaign 'EveryRace'.

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