'Volkswagen is ready to enter F1 as a partner of Red Bull'

02-10-2020 13:03 | Updated: 02-10-2020 14:51
by GPblog.com
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'Volkswagen is ready to enter F1 as a partner of Red Bull'

The German medium F1-Insider reports that talks are going on between Red Bull Racing and Porsche. This morning Honda announced that it will stop supplying engines from 2021.

Surprisingly, F1-Insider is able to report so soon after Honda's news that talks are taking place between Red Bull and Porsche. "The mother company Volkswagen has been wanting to enter Formula 1 with the luxury car brand for a long time", they write on their website. "They want Red Bull as their partner team."

2022 too early

But 2022 is too early, they say. Well-imported sources assume that Porsche will probably only want to take part in the sport from 2026 onwards. That is when the rules for engines will change. The CEO of Porsche, Herbert Diess, has publicly flirted with the idea of racing. "In my opinion, we should continue racing. Sport is becoming climate-neutral through the use of synthetic fuels. It is a lot more exciting, fun and interesting than Formula E", he writes on his LinkedIn page.

For Max Verstappen, the coming years will be very exciting at Red Bull. He has a clause in his contract stating that he may leave if Red Bull cannot offer him a competitive engine. The future will tell if the young superstar will stay with the Austrian team.

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