Brawn responds to Sainz: "Constant battle to stop abuse of track limits"

01-10-2020 13:56 | Updated: 01-10-2020 15:59
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Brawn responds to Sainz: Constant battle to stop abuse of track limits

After the Russian Grand Prix there was a lot of talk about Turn 2. According to Ross Brawn, the FIA can never do well in the eyes of the drivers.

The Sochi race was soon over for Carlos Sainz. McLaren's driver was forced to take a separate route through two lanes at turn two and then hit the wall. According to the Spaniard, it was not a good idea of the FIA.

"It's just a badly designed corner. We saw how many drivers missed the corner during the race and one person even destroyed the signs," Sainz told the press afterwards.

Not the right choice for the FIA

Ross Brawn understands the criticism from Sainz but also knows that it is a difficult situation for the FIA. "There is a constant battle to prevent drivers from abusing track limits. You're not going to abuse the limits if you end up in a gravel pit, you are going to abuse them if there's asphalt. But if there are gravel pits everywhere, it will end up on the track and you will immediately lose drivers if they get off the track, we don't want that to happen," said the top man in his column on

"Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Generally speaking, asphalt is the better solution, but we need to set track limits to prevent drivers from taking advantage of it. I'm sure the FIA and Michael Masi will look at that corner to see if there is a better solution," concluded Brawn.

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