Verstappen pushes teammate: "He always drives at the limit"

01-10-2020 12:05 | Updated: 01-10-2020 13:23
Verstappen pushes teammate: He always drives at the limit

Alexander Albon has so far had a difficult year alongside his teammate Max Verstappen. The Thai-Brit did not beat Verstappen in qualifying yet, and the gap is regularly bigger than it should be. Albon admits that it's not always easy next to Verstappen.

Over a year ago, Albon made the switch from Toro Rosso to the A-team Red Bull Racing. Although he regularly shows his ability to overtake in Sunday's races, Albon has been criticized. So far he is not the second driver that Red Bull likes to see as Albon still finishes outside the top four too often.

Teammate of Verstappen

To Autosport, Albon admits that it's not always easy: "It's both a blessing and a curse. He's driving from the first practice session to the limit, so of course you have a hard time next to him." 

The advantage is that Albon can see all the data from his fast teammate so he knows where he can gain time.

"I need to be even more on the limit in the corners so I can use the data from Verstappen as a reference. It's not nice that he's always a tenth faster but I see that as an opportunity to get even faster," Albon concludes.

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