Lammers would like to see self-reflection with Hamilton and Mercedes

28-09-2020 16:33 | Updated: 29-09-2020 00:25
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Lammers would like to see self-reflection with Hamilton and Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton saw victory in the Russian Grand Prix pass him by due to a five-second double-time penalty on Sunday. He got this because he had made two practice starts in the wrong place. The question for Jan Lammers is whether that penalty is fair.

"Of course that's fair, because that's just the way it goes," he said on the NOS Formula 1 podcast. "He is the first to know. If you have already raced for couple of hundred million and you drive for an organisation like Mercedes, then he and the team must accept that in a self reflective way."

Thickness of the rulebook no excuse for Hamilton and Mercedes

The FIA's regulations are set out in a very extensive booklet, which gets a little thicker almost every season. You could be forgiven if you did not know it by heart, but in the case of Hamilton and Mercedes, that excuse is not valid for Lammers.

"You just have to know that. I have to say that I didn't know it either at the time, but I'm a little on the sidelines talking. I am not an expert, I am an analyst, so if anything happens, I can say something about it. But people who are in it on a daily basis and for whom it is their business [should know that]. I am never going to forget that now."

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