Horner: "At some point that will come to an end, that is inevitable"

28-09-2020 07:06
Horner: At some point that will come to an end, that is inevitable

After the Russian Grand Prix, Christian Horner dodged a question about future updates on his Red Bull car.  The 2020 season still has seven Grand Prix weekends remaining, but whether Red Bull Racing will appear with fundamental improvements is unclear.

“It is always a combination," Horner replies when asked about the partnership between Honda and Red Bull. "It’s about working together and we share the same goals and the same objective. I’m confident we can collect it together," he added. 

Red Bull must be ready to strike

In the Red Bull press session, the 46-year-old Brit further states that Mercedes have been leading the way in Formula 1 for years. "Mercedes dominated. [Eventually], that will come to an end. That is inevitable," said Horner, who knows that Red Bull must be ready to strike.

The boss of Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon doesn't add detail about future upgrades on the RB16. "Obviously, this car is the basis of next years car. Probably 60 percent of the car is carry over. Obviously we are working very hard to understand and to get further performance of the car between now and the end of the year. There are three months left of development, the team is very focused on that," he concluded. 

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