Verstappen still surprised after qualifying despite higher expectations

26-09-2020 18:26 | Updated: 26-09-2020 18:37
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Verstappen still surprised after qualifying despite higher expectations

It seemed to be an extremely difficult weekend for Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing. The free practice sessions on Friday did not look good for the team. Although this gave a distorted picture, Verstappen himself didn't expect this result during qualifying either.

"I think first of all Friday was a little bit messy because were trying downforce levels and we never really had a perfect lap, let’s say like that. There were always a few moments and stuff so I knew that we were going to be, let’s say, more competitive than where we were but it’s a surprise to be on the front row, that’s for sure, but I honestly don’t expect it to be like Silverstone."

Tyre management a little less crucial

Verstappen refers to the race he managed to win there thanks to better tyre management. Also in Sochi, the soft tyre seems to wear out very quickly and in theory, this gives him a good chance of victory. Certainly, as he starts from the front row. 

"I think we were a little bit more competitive in the long runs there and also the compounds, I don’t think it’s as big an issue as what it was there, so I don’t expect the same to happen but I’m just happy with the improvements we did make overnight," the Red Bull driver said at the press conference on Saturday.

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