Results FP2 are distorted: "Verstappen should have been higher up"

25-09-2020 20:21 | Updated: 25-09-2020 22:36
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Results FP2 are distorted: Verstappen should have been higher up

Max Verstappen only finished seventh in the second free practice session for the Russian Grand Prix on Friday. Anthony Davidson has been analysing his showing so far and explores some similarities from last year.

Davidson explained on Sky Sports that the fastest lap of the Red Bull driver made a big mistake in turn 2. A mistake he lost at least a few tenths, and oddly enough one he made last year.

A couple of tenths probably not enough for Verstappen

"He did the same thing here last year during the free practice sessions. He touches that sausage-cerb, goes wide and then breaks out when he comes out of the corner. Last year he even went a little further and launched the car into the air.

"But okay, so that was on his fastest lap. He was beaten today by the two McLarens and also by Daniel Ricciardo's Renault. He should be a bit higher up, but it looks like he will have to fight with those teams this weekend."

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