Verstappen not on his own anymore: 'Has more self-confidence now'

25-09-2020 07:53 | Updated: 25-09-2020 12:04
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Verstappen not on his own anymore: 'Has more self-confidence now'

The Russian Grand Prix has not yet been a great place for Red Bull Racing or Max Verstappen. Never before has Verstappen been on the podium, but around the paddock the Dutchman seems to be in a good mood.

Verstappen did not make it to the end of the last two races. In Monza his Honda engine broke down and in Mugello he had the same problem and crashed. In the paddock, however, Verstappen still seems in good spirits 

Good mood at Verstappen

''This has never really been a good job for Red Bull and today Verstappen didn't really put his finger on the sore spot,'' said Formula 1 reporter Lawrence Barretto in the Weekend Warm-Up. ''It's a dramatic series for Verstappen and normally you see your head hanging, but not with Max. He's in a very good mood and happy with Honda's improvements."

According to Barretto, Alexander Albon is also in a better mood after Mugello. The Thai took his first podium in Formula 1 and that can already be seen in his whole attitude. ''He now walks over the paddock with just a little more self-confidence. Hopefully Red Bull will now be able to attack with two men, because until now it has been only Verstappen for a long time," Barretto concluded.

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